Time Value of Money

  • Time Value of Money Slide Show from the University of Califormia Santa Barbara
  • Time Value of Money – Video Explanation from the Khan Academy

  • Time Value of Money – Videy Explanation from London School of Business and Finance


Corporate Governance

  • London School of Business and Finance – Historical Corporate Governance context (ACCA)

  • Background to the development of Corporate Governance in the UK and Ireland (short slideshow from Grant Thornton UK)

  • Notes on Corporate Governance from the Journal of Strategic Management Education, including a consideration of the Agency Problem
  • Video on the Agency Problem from the Corporate Finance Coach


The Objective of the Firm

The Objective of the Firm – Useful Resources

  • Slideshow on the Objective of the Firm
  • Objectives of a firm from an Economics standpoint
  • Video for Objectives of Firms (Note there is some noise on this video)

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Shareholder Wealth – Useful Resources


The Role of Financial Management

The Role of the Accountant in the Key Decisions of the Financial Management Process

This useful resources on the subject of Financial Management to the Student. The aim is to provide an overview of the subject to place the role of the accountants in the financial management function within a company.

Useful Resources:

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